Vision Farms, Inc.

          A nonprofit corporation

See our 2016 plan below for U-PICK-IT details

We grow good food for hungry people.

Our newest garden is located just South of Guthrie, Oklahoma USA. It is a large garden on three acres. We plan to grow Irish potatoes and legumes (beans and southern peas) this year.

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Vision Farms did not get its name until just a few months ago. A couple of folks, in our small, rural community, with like hearts and a similar mission got together with one goal; to grow high quality, natural food for hungry people. In February 2014 we planted 300 pounds of Kennebec potatoes. Approximately 100 days later, we harvested approximately 1200 pounds. 800 lbs were given to God's Food Bank the larger of the two local food banks here in our community. 200 lbs were given to the other food bank, Hands of Jesus. 50lbs were given to Brunch on Noble and Lunch on Noble, two local organizations that serve a hot meal to the less fortunate Monday - Saturday. We sold 50lbs to a local restaurant and they made the check payable to the local food bank. The rest was distributed to all the families and volunteers who helped with the project. The crop was planted on a donated parcel of land, approximately 1/2 acre. Since then we have been given the use of three additional plots of land. These plots of land consist of 3 - 4 acres of farming opportunity. Two plots were used to grow fall crops in 2014. Vegetables and purple hull peas were harvested and given to hungry families and to the seniors at our local county aging services.

Mission Statement

We promote local food sovereignty and local food security by growing high quality, wholesome food for hungry people and donating the majority of this food to the local food distribution organizations in our county, educating children and adults through learning workshops, helping families start small gardens and promoting local CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)


Vision Farms, Inc. has been awarded tax exempt status by the IRS under IRC Section 501 (c) (3).


We are looking for volunteers to help us and to learn with us.

We give most of our produce to the food bank but volunteers share in the harvest too.

2016 Plan

We have planted a large U-PICK-IT garden just South of Guthrie, Oklahoma. We accept donations for all food as picked. We expect to have: Pinkeye Purple Hull Peas, green beans, squash, okra and others.

We do not use pesticides or herbicides and we do not plant GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Contact us by email to register for notification when crops are ready to pick.